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Therapeutic Treatments

Traditional Thai Massage

Treatment time 120 min Price $140

A session of Thai massage is both deeply refreshing and revitalizing. A person suffering from stress and fatigued should make time for a 2-hour massage to experience true relaxation. Thai Traditional massage covers the entire body. The 'Sen' energy lines are pressed and kneaded by palms and thumbs. The therapy continues with passive stretching and finally with a head, neck and shoulder massage. During the session, the massage should be slow and gentle to energize and increase blood oxygen circulation. The results will include a better range of movement and overall increase in flexibility.

Table Top Thai

Treatment time 90 min Price $110

A Thai massage but doing on the table to provides the clients who had difficulty lying down on the lower floor. An alternative that does not sacrifice any of the numerous healing benefits of Traditional Thai Massage.

Swe-thai (combination of Thai stretches & Oil massage)

Treatment time 90 min Price $105

Swe-Thai Massage is a unique style of massage that combines the ancient eastern knowledge of a highly revered form of medical massage with the western knowledge of specific and advanced soft tissue therapy.

Swe-Thai techniques blend many different aspects of Thai massage techniques and stretches with proven and highly effective western treatment philosophies.

Thai Oil Massage

Treatment time 60-90 min Price $75-$105

Enhances body and mind through the combination of many different massage form including Thai aromatherapy and Swedish massage. This synergistic treatment promotes serenity and a sense of well being. When massaging, aromatic oil is firmly applied over your body in blissful and synchronized waves, using the smooth strokes of Swedish massage, but also relieving the muscle tension wit Thai massage techniques.

Deep Tissue Massage

Treatment time 60-90 min Price $75-$105

Designed to relieve severe tension in the muscle and the connective tissue.

This type of massage focuses on the muscles located below the surface of

the top muscles.

Thai Herbal Hot Compress (this service available for morning appointment only)

Treatment time 90 min Price $110

Hot herbal treatment are frequently used in Thailand in combination with a Thai traditional massage. They are especially effective in treating chronic problem, such as back pain. This therapeutic treatment helps increase energy flow, improves circulation, relaxes muscles and deep tissues, and treats energy line that cannot be massaged directly. Steaming hot herbal balls help stimulate nerve ending and promote the body's natural healing process. The aromatic herbs used in hot compresses stimulate the sense and aids in deep relaxation.

Face Lift Massage

Treatment time 30-60 min Price $35-$65

This special designed massage moves combine with acupressure to gentle move out the old lymph improve blood circulation and bring lymph into the facial area to provide a fresh glowing look that last for days! These massage help tone and tighten skin and visibly reduce wrinkles, sagging skin, crow's feet and laugh lines.

Back Neck & Shoulders Massage

Treatment time 60 min Price $75

An invigorating massage concentrating on the tension

hot-spots of the back, neck and shoulder. A great way to

relieve tension and get rid of any built up stress.

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