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Customer Testimonials

" Found a much needed business when I located The Palm of Metta(TRADITIONAL THAI Massage) in Sarasota. I have experienced this excellent treatment in the past. I must caution it is difficult to find qualified staff like Ann to provide this amazing treatment. Few people understand the benefit of Thai Stretching massage. It is sometimes referred to as forced yoga. I had relocated and had lost my prior provider over 3 years ago. Ann has been working with me for 3 weeks and I am feeling so much improvement in flexibility and well being "

- Lee G

" Once again Anne proves that she is the best Thai massage therapist in Sarasota. She is an artist and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking a real Thai massage "

- Chuck

" was first introduced to massage therapy in 1996 here in Sarasota. It has become a weekly part of my health care. Since then I have had massage from here, to California, Michigan, and for 3 years in China in many cities.

Ann introduced me to Thai massage, and I can honestly say I have found that next step beyond traditional Thai massage. It's what I've needed, and I now include it as an important and regular part of my health regime. Ann is very thorough and an excellent therapist. I highly recommend her to any one who is sincerely looking for the best health they can find "

- Jerry G

" I have had hundreds of massages over the years and around the world! This one ranks among the very best! You will not be disappointed, I assure you! "

- Dale

" I had one of the best massages ever...oh my goodness it was insanely good. She stretched my entire body. This little amazing lady had so much power in her body...she bended me like a pretzel and it felt so good for my joints & my tight muscles. She not only stretched me but did acupressure all over the body from my head to my toes. It's like a combo massage (with clothes on) & passive yoga stretching. Just what my body needed. Thank was amazing!!!! "

- Ella B.

" I have been getting massages from Ann for almost 5 years every time I'm in Sarasota. She is truly the best and the massages have become the highlight of my vacations and my health maintenance. She consistently gives her very best and is a very knowledgeable and attentive therapist "

- Jay


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